Secure, real-time enterprise messaging.

For organizations that demand complete security, Wire is the perfect enterprise messaging solution for sharing confidential information.

More secure than email or other business messaging apps, Wire chat history is not synced to new devices by default, and users are alerted about unauthorized login attempts.

Wire offers stronger protection compared to other team collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack and secures all messages, images and shared documents with end-to-end encryption.


Group chats made easy

Group conversations are the most efficient way to organize projects with team members, clients, and external partners.

Set up new encrypted group conversations in just a few clicks or taps. This keeps everyone involved up to date with the latest progress and helps find solutions in real time.

Make the team productive

Email is a productivity killer. Reply all, inbox-clogging attachments, and irrelevant threads are familiar to any enterprise. Wire removes the unnecessary noise.

We are constantly adding features to help teams be productive — from timed conversations to availability status, visual search to annotated images, embedded multimedia content to message reactions.

Conversations bring the team together — no matter where they work from.


Voice and video messages

Sometimes typing simply isn’t the best option — voice and video messages bring convenience and richness to the conversations.


Timed conversations

Be it digital housekeeping, reduced e-discovery costs, or data security — ephemeral conversations help teams keep their chat histories tidy.


Edit and delete

Made a typo or posted sensitive data to the wrong conversation? You can edit and delete from all devices to fix your mistakes quickly.

Built for enterprise chat

Included in the robust security framework are full administrative controls, making it simple to manage user permissions and revoke access.

Removing someone from the team locks them immediately out of all conversations and blocks access to chat history and shared documents.

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