What is StitchBot?

Why use Stitch Chatbot?

Capture leads

Books qualified & scheduled leads directly into your Business diaries.

Increase sales and reduce cost

Stitch is an AI powered bot that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Grow your business

Focus on important parts of your business, whilst organically growing.

Live Chat vs Stitch Bot

A chat bot gives you all the benefits of engagement via messaging, without the workforce required to successfully address all sales enquiries

Poorly implemented live chat creates even greater frustration to website visitors Unless you can reply within 30 seconds, live chat isn’t the right platform for you

Even if you do live chat reply within 30 seconds, the chances are, the enquiry still has to be passed onto someone else in the business (if handled by receptionist/admin)

Stitch is ideal for business’ offering high value ticket items, which require a specialist sales resource involvement, with specific aim of setting up a call/meeting with a sales person

Live chat is better suited to high volume, low value, general E-Commerce websites

Join the digital marketing Revolution

Continuous Engagement 

Peak internet traffic continues long after the closing of businesses operating traditional working hours

Stitch is working before and after your working hours to capture prospects

Stitchbot is for companies that:

Businesses that need to speak or meet with a prospect to engage in the sales process

Businesses in highly competitive markets

Businesses where appointments need to be booked to carry out a service

Businesses with field based teams

Businesses that have no reporting on the success/outcome of their new business enquiries

Our Features

VoIP Automation  

At the appointed time, let Stitch set up the call with your prospect and salesperson, ensuring no human error in forgetting the call. All calls set up by Stitch are recorded, and available for review in the admin portal.

CRM Automation  

Automatically capture all leads from Stitch and populate into your CRM Stitch will create opportunity in CRM and allocates to sales person

Spend more time having meaningful conversations with your prospects  

Eliminate telephone tag for 1st time enquiries Ensures the first discussion is with the right person Share your calendar with anyone with a link to Stitch to offer efficient meeting scheduling capability for your sales teams 

Lead distribution  

Allocate leads to your teams based on: Best time to suit the prospect Allocate lead by geographic location Allocate lead on a “fair” rotary distribution policy

Portals & Reporting Features

In built portals to tailor to your business Lead tracking and management reporting Manage by exception

More than just web chat – open up channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS

Promote new channels such as chat/IM, without having the worry of the human resourcing requirements to answer all requests within 30 seconds. Let Stitch respond and distribute all enquiries to the right people in your business.

Easily Integrated

Your sales team don’t need to use any software, app, or portal. Leads are scheduled directly into their calendar of choice. Users manage their availability through their preferred calendar application.

24/7 Support

Peak internet traffic continues long after the closing of businesses operating traditional working hours. Stitch is working before and after your working hours to capture prospects.

Our Features

Yes. Stitch can be positioned anywhere on your website so that they do not clash.

We email your web developer the code, which is a few lines, or for a small fee we can do this for you.

Absolutely. You can set what days and times your business works globally and then in your own calendar, as normal, you can block days and times that you don’t want appointments.


An email is sent to them from the portal and they simply enter their email and password to access their calendar.


  • Stitch AI works over HTTPS, (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.
  • Stitch does not store user passwords, we use cryptographic hashing, so that passwords have been mathematically transformed before storing to prevent them from being misused. 
  • Authorization to access a user’s calendars is done via the OAuth 2.0 protocol, Specifically the “Authorization Code” version of authorization as specified in section 4.1 of RFC 6749.
  • Our Calendar authorisation process is as follows:
      • Stitch AI sends the user to an authorization page, specifying the permissions you need on their calendars
      • The user approves access by logging into their chosen calendar service
      • The user is redirected back to Stitch AI with a query string that contains a code
      • The application redeems that code for an access_token and refresh_token that allows your application the requested access to that user’s calendars

We currently are working on integrations to certain CRM platforms. Please get in touch for more details. Bespoke integrations are also available.


The chat conversation will be available in the calendar notes section of the appointment.

The portal is designed to be completely bespoke to your business so you can ask for this information when the appointment is being set and also list the services you offer.


No. The portal is user friendly and requires no code. You can build your own chatbot. We are of course here to help.

No. It is a fixed fee per month.


No. Only availability and in team environments only available times are displayed.

Yes. It is done on an availability and number of previous allocated leads basis.

Absolutely. You choose the type of meetings you offer and set the average meeting length in the portal.

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