A secure way to share files across teams and with clients.

Wire helps organizations overcome the security and productivity limitations of email and other file sharing services. Documents sent via Wire are always end-to-end encrypted — locking them for everyone but the receiver. It also dramatically reduces risks from attacks via infected files and malware as only team members and pre-approved guest contacts can send others files.

Save time with search

30% of knowledge workers’ time is spent on searching for the right information. Visual search helps to quickly locate the right documents, a link that was shared over a month ago, or a screenshot of the new product photo waiting for signoff.

There’s powerful and fast text search too, which quickly takes you to the right place in the conversation history so you’ll see the message in context.

No central point of weakness

Unlike unsecure competitors, no documents are kept or indexed on our servers in unencrypted form. This provides your files and messages an extra layer of security. Each file and message is also encrypted with a unique key, so breaking one key does not give the attacker access to anything else. We put a lot of powerful functionality on your devices — your phone, laptop, or tablet — so everyone can get more done with maximum security.

Screen sharing

“Show, don’t tell” and turn any call into a screen sharing session. HD image quality helps the team collaborate — even on the fine print.


Unlimited chats

Most productive teams split projects and tasks into various group chats, with the right people included to keep information sharing effective.


History backup

Made a typo or posted sensitive data to the wrong conversation? You can edit and delete from all devices to fix your mistakes quickly.

Built for enterprise chat

Included in the robust security framework are full administrative controls, making it simple to manage user permissions and revoke access.

Removing someone from the team locks them immediately out of all conversations and blocks access to chat history and shared documents.

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