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Engagement Strategy

With extensive research & consultation, we work with our clients to ensure the direction of their digital communication strategy puts users at their core, ensuring the end solution drives a first class customer experience. From first time customer engagement, through to omni channel messaging management, we will ensure your teams and customers have seamless & scalable engagement.

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Open for business via any channel, through just one app.

Customers don’t just phone & email nowadays. In our fast changing world, customers use various platforms to communicate. Here at Stitch, we work with the latest cloud platforms to ensure you are easy to do business with, whilst ensuring your teams have the tools to effectively respond & manage conversations at scale. 

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User Adoption and Success

Our Success Services team will help you develop people first strategies and implement technical solutions within weeks not months. We offer an end-to-end solution including implementation, education, consulting and tools for adoption. We instil best practises within your organisation, to ensure you maximise your technology investments.

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Email, Chat & Messaging Reporting

How quickly does your organisation respond to emails? How often are web chats abandoned? For so long, ticketing systems have been the only way to measure team response times, yet they are cumbersome and do anything but create an easy to do business with approach. Get insights on team and personal inboxes like you never thought possible to power up your customer engagement experience. 

Transform Your Business

Change Management

We can help you make the most of change. Digital transformation demands change. Not only in terms of new technology, but also new processes. And all this change affects the most important factor in any transformation programme of works – people.

Technical Consulting

We deliver innovative solutions to meet the demands of modern business. Made up of business consultants, developers and architects, our technical team is focused on meeting your business requirements while delivering future-proof results.

Cloud Productivity

We provide the best experience and calibre required to take the first step into your Cloud journey. Working with key vendors, we'll ensure your digital workspace pleases your teams, your customers, your IT department & your FD.

Managed Services

We want you to enjoy using the technology that helps you perform your daily tasks. We employ highly skilled specialists to do this. You can expect a wide range of reactive and proactive services from our technical team.

Intelligent Ways Of Working

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AI Driven Intelligent Workspaces

AI is not just for blue chip companies. We bring AI to everyday business applications, such as your email, your calendars, your CRM. We link them together for enhanced user experiences & fast customer engagement times. 
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Give your team the tools they crave

You might not realise but your staff are using their personal WhatsApp in the workplace. Why? Because its a slick, intuitive solution that Outlook, Teams/Slack can’t replicate. Talk to us about how we can keep you GDPR compliant, but offer your teams the messaging tools they crave.
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Avoid messaging silos

Slack never killed email – it created a business problem of silo’d information. One interface for Email, Chat/IM, Webchat, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp & SMS – one place to search for conversation history over multiple formats

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Mobile Applications

Allow your staff to engage with customers from various devices to give them a rich and engaging experience from any device of their choice

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